Ready to punch those sugar craving in the face? Are you with me and the Squad for the next 10 days? We are committing to giving up one sugary delight that's been sabotaging all our hard work. Do you have a sweet tooth that you are trying to kick? Well then, join us!

This isn't a DETOX! We don't want you to feel like you are starving yourself or taking away something that your body is desperately craving. That's why we are calling it a PREtox! It's a preliminary challenge to give yourself a wake up call. Sometimes it's just one simple thing that's interfering with getting the results you want. Usually it's too much sugar - so that's why we are asking you to eliminate one sugary item for the next 10 days. But, if you have your sugar cravings under control then feel free to choose another vice that may be standing in your way. It could be alcohol, pasta, caffeine, bread, etc.

Make sure to track your progress and tell us how you're feeling (warning: the crankies may occur!) on our private FB page: B&B Squad. Remember, this challenge is all about being mindful and conscientious of what we are eating and why. It's NOT about deprivation. I am in this with you. We got this!

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