Boxing & Bubbles 4 Week Push-Up Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 4 Week Push-Up Challenge!

B&B Push-Up Challenge | It's challenge time!!

We are giving you our first ever month long challenge and of course we made it PUSH UPS. We promise you that push-ups are not the enemy and you can totally do this! We've structured this challenge so that you can really focus on mastering your ability and technique. And guess what? We're giving away prizes! 3 lucky members will win some awesome B&B swag. We'll be announcing the winners LIVE on FaceBook after the challenge ends. So make sure you're a part of our B&B Squad FB Page.

Here's how to win: 

✔ Each week snap a pic or a video of yourself doing that week's designated push up  and post to the B&B Squad FB Page.
(Please have someone else take the pic or use the timer feature on your camera - we  don't want any push-up selfie injuries! 😆)

✔ At the end of the challenge take a selfie and tell us one thing you LOVE about  yourself and post to the B&B Squad FB Page.

✔ Have Fun!

Each week consists of a different push-up style. Week 1 is wipe grip. Week 2 is triceps.  Week 3 is staggered. And week 4 is diamond. Each day of the week has a designated  amount of push-ups for you to achieve.

On Monday you'll do 10 push-ups. On Tuesday 20; Wednesday 30; Thursday 40 and  you have the entire weekend to bust out 50 of these bad boys! Please note, that you do  not have to do them consecutively. Do them whenever you want! Break them up. Also, modified push-ups definitely count! Take a knee - we're cool with it! If you have  any wrist or shoulder issues please continue to do the challenge with us, but switch to  crunches instead.

Now we're going to completely nerd out and tell you why push-ups are so awesome!  😂

✔ Target Multiple Muscle Groups
They're a compound exercise - meaning they involve the use of more than one muscle  group and joint. To do a push-up your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs and even your  legs need to activate to complete the movement. While your chest muscle, or  pectoralis major, is the main mover, your triceps on the backs of your upper arms and  your deltoids, or shoulder muscles, are also synergist muscles that play major  roles.Your rectus abdominis, or your abs; your obliques that run along the sides of  your midsection; your quadriceps on the fronts of your thighs; and the erector spinae  muscle along your spine all work to stabilize your body throughout the movement. In  short: You get a lot of bang for your buck when you do push-ups. (And we told you:  NERD ALERT)!

✔ You Can Do Them Anywhere
What could be of more benefit when trying to build strength and muscle tone than the  ability to do an exercise anywhere, anytime and with no equipment necessary? In the  kitchen waiting for water to boil? Drop and do some push-ups on the kitchen floor!  Out for a run in the local park? Work in a few sets of push-ups along the way. You can  even do them in your office or at school. ​As an added bonus, push-ups get your blood  flowing, which can be energizing. If you're in a mid-morning slump at work, just do a  set or two of push-ups and you might not need that extra cup of coffee.

✔ Push-Ups Build Core Strength
While they're often the go-to exercise for building chest strength, push-ups do double  duty. In order to stabilize your body to achieve perfect form, the muscles of your core,  including your abs, obliques and lower back are hard at work. ​Having a strong core  doesn't just mean toned abs; a strong core promotes good posture and prevents back  pain.

✔ They Burn Lots Of Calories
Because so many muscles are involved in a push-up, the exercise helps you torch  more calories than many other exercises that only involve one or two muscle groups.  This is because the more muscle recruitment that takes place during a movement, the  more energy your body requires to perform the movement - energy in the form of  calories. You'll burn more energy doing a push-up than you will doing a triceps  push-down, crunches, or even bench presses.

✔ Get ready for success!

Step 1: Set It Up: Start by placing your hands underneath your shoulders. (Since we're starting this week  with the wide grip you will want to move your hands out further after you've  established your initial position). Your legs should extend straight out behind you, so  that the balls of your feet are on the ground. You're now in a high plank position.

Step 2: Lower to the Ground: Keep your core tight and your glutes engaged as you lower down until your chest  touches the ground.

Step 3: Press Back Up: Continue to keep your body in a straight line as you push away from the floor and  bring your body back up to the starting position.

Practice good form:
Depending on how you do them, push-ups can do one of two things:
Help you build upper-body strength and muscle. (Good!) 👍
Screw up your shoulders and posture. (Bad!) 👎

Here's how to tell the difference between a good push-up and a bad push-up and how  to quickly fix your form to get the biggest benefits:

✖ Lifting Your Butt
A common mistake in the push-up is raising your butt above your body into a pike  position (likely due to tight hips and weak glute muscles). While this takes some  pressure out of your core, you're not going to get the total benefit of your push-up.  And when you raise your butt up into the air, you place more pressure on your shoulders.
✔ FIX: Keep your butt clenched tight and hips flat and level.

✖ Dropping Your Stomach/Arching Your Back
If you have a weak core, you may be tempted to let your stomach sag in the middle as  you do your push-ups, which leads to a "slinky" effect often caused by an unstable  spine.
? FIX: Keep your core engaged throughout the entire movement in order to protect  your lower back.

✖ Flaring Your Elbows Out Too Wide **exception wide grip & staggered**
This usually happens when you have weak upper back muscles that can't activate  properly or you simply get tired and resort to bad form. But once your form suffers,  STOP and regroup to make sure you do every rep with proper form.
✔ FIX: Keep your elbows tucked in toward your body at a 45-degree angle.

✖ Your Head Droops 
Sure, you may get tired, and holding your head up is just one more thing you have to  think about. But letting your head droop is bad for your neck and spine.
✔ FIX: Keep your head in line with your body at all times.

Push-ups are a dynamic exercise that work multiple muscle groups. This challenge  was designed to push you both physically and mentally. Keep practicing and sticking  with it and you will definitely see results - not only in the form of muscle tone but you  will grow stronger and more confident each day. By the end of the challenge your goal  should be to love push-ups and what they can do for your body. Have no fear.
The squad has your back!