Boxing & Bubbles 21-Day Hot AF Summer Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 21-Day Hot AF Summer Challenge!

Hey ninjas, are you ready to seriously heat up August?

Well get ready 'cause your all new 21-Day B&B Hot AF Challenge is here! It's 21 days of super hot, weighted, full body exercises. Each day we'll work your arms, abs & ass for a total of 3 sets. After your third set, you'll finish off with a Hot AF banded burnout!

Everyday will be different with all new exercises and your burnouts will change weekly. To really add the heat we finish each week with a Hard AF AMRAP! You're so welcome.

Let's face it, you're already HOT AF...we are just turning up the heat! The next 21 days is about banishing self doubt and negativity and telling the world that you're HOT AF and not afraid to show it. 👊

We officially kick off the challenge August 11th but you can do it anytime! Everyone is welcome to join in on the challenge! You don't need to be a member to participate.

We encourage you to post on the B&B private page as much as you want. We love seeing all your sweaty challenge selfies and videos! Keep posting them to the FB page and to IG! Make sure to use #bbHOTAFchallenge and tag @christadipaolo & @boxingandbubbles 🔥

Enjoy your all new Summer Challenge and don't forget that YOU ARE HOT AF!

The B&B Team