Boxing & Bubbles 31-Day B&Bey ABtober Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 31-Day B&Bey ABtober Challenge!

Are you ready Squad? We said ARE YOU READY??

Ok, B&B, now let's get in formation!

Oh, did you think we forgot about ABtober? Did you really think that we were going to let our favorite month of the year just slide by? HELL NAW! We are rockin' this challenge Beyoncé style and dropping it at midnight for a total surprise. Yep, that's right! We took a page from Queen Bey's notebook and let this be a shocker. If you don't know about Beyoncé then let us give you a little insight into how this all came about...

In 2018 Beyoncé changed the world by releasing an album to her fans at midnight with no warning. It changed the entire music industry. She also stunned at Coachella (aptly named Beychella) giving one of the greatest live music performances by an American in history (we fact checked this with wikipedia, so these were their words, not ours - just in case you don't agree). 😂 The point of this story is that she is an innovator, a trendsetter and an all around badass!

Alright, so you might be thinking "well that was 2018, what does that have to do with today"? Here is when we circle back around to her badassedness (not a real word, but work with us here). Now, we aren't comparing our FGN to her, we are just saying that we love her style so much that we had to try it! And what better time to try it, then during a year when we all need a new revival and a "Homecoming"! (There's a little more info about this in your challenge pdf so make sure to read it!) So get ready to take center stage and march into a new B&B phenomenon: cause ABtober is HERE!

In true Beyoncé fashion we sent you this challenge at Midnight/12 EST - sorry, if you live in a different time zone, but we had to release it to everyone at the same time so the beans wouldn't be spilled. 😜

What exactly is your ABtober Challenge? Every day you will do an ab exercise followed by a Queen Bey Burnout. Your days alternate between body weight and banded exercises. Your weeks each have a different burnout. These are great workout finishers. And yes, it's ALL 31 days of the month. We didn't put in rest days because the moves are great to do during an active recovery day - just make sure you do a quick warm-up and cool down if you aren't doing any other form of exercise.

Please also watch the challenge video to make sure you are doing each move correctly and click on the link above for the B&Bey ABtober Calendar. We have lots of fun things planned for this month so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our private FB page, IG and your inbox.

For an added layer of hot sauce, show us your best Beyoncé ABtober pics and videos - cause you know we're going to be picking some challenge winners. Seriously, all you have to do to be entered to win is post a fierce pic/video of yourself doing one move of the ABtober Challenge on our Squad FB page! You can earn extra brownie points (and extra entries) if you post a video of yourself doing one of the many Beyoncé dances. You are on the honor system for this one, so please make sure you complete the challenge!

We love you ninjas and we hope you are truly surprised by this one. We are always listening and never stop hustling for ya, so please keep all your suggestions coming. Now get to steppin', cause you've got a challenge to rock!

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The B&B Team