Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 7-day Planksgiving Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 7-day Planksgiving Challenge!

Who wants some pumpkin pie? 🥧

Well, it's finally here squad!We've been teasing you for almost two weeks now and telling you that these planks aren't dried out turkey, cranberry sauce from a can, not yo' mama's recipe, no marshmallow topped sweet potatoes...seriously, we could do this all day. 😆 Now you get to see for yourself all the amazing planks our FGN has cooked up! Did we say amazing? Oh, we meant ahhhh-mazing as in "ahhhh, this hurts"! 🤣

Just kidding. This is a pretty, pumpkin spiced up challenge and we can't wait for you to nibble away at it! These planks are so much fun.

So what exactly are you getting yourself into? SEVEN days of plankin' heaven. Just like last year, each day you'll add a plank to the previous day's schedule. That means on the last day you'll be performing 7 different planks for a total of 5 minutes and 45 seconds! Don't you roll your eyes at us! YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS.

Plus, we included modifications in your PlanksGiving Challenge booklet. You do you. 😉

We start the challenge Tuesday, November 24th. So mark your calendars and get ready to plank it up for the next 7 days. Yes, we are going to be planking on Thanksgiving, so get your family & friends involved and show off all your ninja moves. You can also repeat this challenge whenever you want.

We can't wait to see all your posts and videos on the B&B Squad FB page. Make sure to use the hashtags: #PlanksGiving #BBchallenge

Remember, TOGETHER WE MUTHA EFFIN GOT THIS! So let's kick off the holidays in the best way ever: with planks!

Happy PlanksGiving and we'll see you in the ring soon.

The B&B Team xx