Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 8-Day Tough Love Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 8-Day Tough Love Challenge!

Hello squad!

The time has finally come. It's our first challenge of the year. Announcing our 2nd annual TOUGH LOVE CHALLENGE. We'll be taking you through 8 days of kettlebell hell... sorry, we mean kettlebell flows... and each day ends with a love to hate 'em kettlebell burnout. Yeah, it kind of sounds like hell. 😂 But never fear, cause with B&B you know it'll be fun as hell!

If you don't have a kettlebell you can use a single weight or get creative and use what you have at home (please no pets or children). 😹

Make sure to watch the video and read your e-booklet so you know all the challenge deets. This one is TOUGH, but we LOVE ya!

This challenge focuses just as much on the mind as it does the body. We truly want you to love yourself, because no matter how tough life may get you deserve to be loved. This community is all about the LOVE. We have created a space where you can share all your feelings and your voice will be heard. You have the full support of an entire squad cheering you on. Plus, make sure you are filling out your love journal when the challenge starts (and even after - should you want to keep the self-love going), so you can cheer yourself on too!

We can't wait to see what you think about this one (it seriously might be our hardest challenge yet!). Remember, it's totally cool to modify. Just don't ever give up! We believe in you.

Our B&B challenge is totally free, but we highly encourage pairing it with your regularly scheduled B&B workouts to get the best results. Make sure you are checking in with us on the FB page & IG using the hashtags: #bbchallenge & #toughlove.

So are you ready? HELL YES YOU ARE!

We Tough Love you, The B&B Team xx

Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 8-Day Tough Love Challenge!