Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 21-Day HOT AF Summer Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 21-Day HOT AF Summer Challenge!

Ninja, the time has arrived! Your HOT AF Summer Challenge is here! 🌶 Are you as excited as we are?

This is one of our favorite challenges cause it celebrates you and all your HOT AS F**KEDNESS - yep, made up that word and we're stickin' with it. 🔥 It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey this is about you feeling HOT AF in the skin you are in right now. Cause you know what? YOU ARE HOT AF! That's right you are... and you should say it out loud too. C'mon, say it. We'll wait. Ok, we'll say it with you: I AM HOT AF! Hell yes you are!

So let's dive into this challenge. For the next 21 days you will perform an arm, ab & ass exercise each day. After you've completed 3 rounds of those 3 moves you will do a 1 minute HOT AF Burnout. But the fun doesn't stop there! On days 7, 14 & 21 you will create a "choose your own adventure" pyramid. Yep, we know you love those pyramids and want to walk like an Egyptian to end each week of the challenge. All you need to do is take your favorite 4 exercises and put them together for a HARD AF Pyramid.

Don't know how to create a pyramid? We got you! Your challenge comes with a downloadable PDF that explains everything! In it you will find your calendar, journal pages, recipes and answers to all your questions. (Some of our own staff - totally not Lauren - had trouble figuring out how to create their own pyramid adventure too, until they read the PDF - ok, it was Lauren.) You also get a video tutorial so you know exactly how to perform each exercise correctly.

We can't wait to see all your sweaty selfies and videos! Make sure to post all your pics to Insta and FB using #bbhotafchallenge & #HotAFchallenge.

Remember to have fun with this challenge. That's what B&B is all about. No pressure, just good times! Modify when you need to. We modify all the time, no shame in our game.

Oh yeah, you will need a set of medium to heavy dumbbells and a rubber band. Don't have those? Don't worry. You can still join in on all the sweaty fun! Plus, we have some super fun giveaways and challenge winners. Stay tuned to the FB Page & IG for those!

Now, go read your Challenge PDF, watch your Challenge Tutorial and get ready to embrace your HOT AF self! 🙌

🤎 - Your FGN xx