Boxing & Bubbles 3rd Annual PlanksGiving And Autumn Abs Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 3rd Annual PlanksGiving And Autumn Abs Challenge!

It's Fall Ya'll! And at B&B that only means one thing to us: It's PlanksGiving! So get ready to shove some pumpkin pie in your face with a heaping side of whipped cream. Did we say whipped cream? Oh, we meant PLANKS!

And just to kick it up a notch we added some gravy to your turkey. Not only are we giving you PlanksGiving, but we've spiced up your challenge with seven days of Autumn Abs. Yep, that's 14 days of core work!

For each of those 7 days you'll be climbing a ladder. What does that mean? On the first day you'll have one exercise. Then on the second day you'll have the first day's exercise plus a new one. We build on and climb until the last day when you'll complete 7 exercises!

As always, DO YOU! Take breaks if you need to and modify whatever you want. We know you got this!

The Autumn Abs Challenge starts on November 17th and then we will roll into PlanksGiving on the 24th. This challenge does run through the Thanksgiving holiday, but we strongly encourage you to stick with it and plank it up after you have some pumpkin pie (or before - whenever you want!). FYI - you can repeat this challenge ANYTIME.

Make sure to read all about the challenge and see the calendar in your PlanksGiving eBook. Plus, we can't wait to see all your posts! Make sure to tag @christadipaolo @boxingandbubbles and use the hashtag #bbchallenge & #planksgiving. Feel free to update us as much as you want on our private B&B Squad FB Page.

Lastly, these challenges are meant to be FUN! So have fun with it! Get your friends and family involved. See if your grandma will plank with you after Thanksgiving dinner. 🦃 😆 And as always, here's the best part of all our challenges: THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! You don't have to be a member to join in on the fun - and we are so plankful for that!

So ready, set, PLANK!

Love, Christa xoxo