Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 7-Day Bounce Into Summer Mini Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 2nd Annual 7-Day Bounce Into Summer Mini Challenge!

Happy Summer, Squad!

Welcome to your 2nd annual B&B Bounce Into Summer Challenge! No, we aren't talking about trampolines, diving boards, or bouncy houses... this is all about Jumping into the Ring. So, who's ready to dive in head first? 😎

We all loved last year's challenge, so we kept the same fun and intensity, but with a new programming twist. This time we are giving you 7 Days of jump rope intervals, but we are turning up the heat with boxing and kickboxing conditioning fun! This email is your one-stop beach shop to learn all you need to know about this fun and summery challenge. It's all in here! First, you are going to want to save the PDF. Then, you are going to want to press play on your tutorial vid. Watch it in its entirety to learn how to properly execute each jump rope trick and conditioning move.

Here's a little preview of what you can expect for these 7 days:

Each day you will be performing a jump rope trick for 1 minute immediately followed by a switch stance drill for 1 minute. (Need to know the moves? Then watch the tutorial and read your PDF!) After the jump & drill set you will recover for 30 seconds and repeat for 3 total rounds! Sounds amazing, right? Remember, practice makes progress so if you are new to jump roping the tutorial video will be a great resource. Also, don't sweat (although you WILL be sweating very soon) if you don't have a jump rope. You can always substitute with light hand weights or just jump right along.

Now, you know it wouldn't be a B&B challenge without a little fun too. Balance of hard work and fun is the name of the game here at B&B and we are always here to help you live your best summer. 🌴

The PDF has everything from edible flowers, pool party recipes (featuring coconut), the challenge calendar, and even summer activity suggestions. Don't worry, it gives you a full breakdown of all the jump rope tricks too.

While this challenge is only 7 days and starts on June 27th, you can start and finish this challenge anytime! We know that summer is a busy time of travel, work, and other life events so you can get jumping with us when the time is right for YOU. Don't forget while you are bouncing in the sunshine to wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, and tag us on social media so we can see all of your amazing tricks: @christadipaolo @boxingandbubbles using #bbchallenge & #bounceintosummer.

Happy Bouncing everyone!

💛 - Christa and The B&B Team

Published July 2022