Boxing & Bubbles 31-Day ABtober Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 31-Day ABtober Challenge!

Are you ready Squad?!

It's finally time for our 31 Day ABtober Challenge. This challenge is a quick and effective way to get your core muscles toned, lean and looking killer! We will be switching between body weight and weighted conditioning ab movements. Once you complete your reps each day you will have a 60 second killer core burnout.

As always listen to your body and modify if necessary. Drop the weights on the weighted exercises if you need to. Please don't over extend and if anything is too hard or putting pressure somewhere it shouldn't, then slow down and take a step back. While we want a killer core, we don't want any injuries!


Hi Squad!

You have powered through week 1 of the ABtober Challenge! YAY! Are you feeling it in your core? Is your body a little bit sore from all the ab work and burnouts? GOOD! It should be! Why? Because you are sculpting long, lean muscle mass and firing up that midsection creating those six pack abs!

On the menu for this week is a healthy dose of Sprinter Crunches as your 60 second killer core burnout! Excited? We are! So let's get rockin'!

As always listen to your body and modify if necessary. There's no shame in dropping a weight, taking a knee for those Spiderwoman planks or slowing down on those sprinter crunches. And make sure you warm up before beginning any of these exercises.


Hey Squad!

Can you believe we are already approaching week 3 of the ABtober Challenge?! We are moving on from Sprinter Crunches to Giant Mountain Climbers as your 60 second Killer Core Burnout. Please don't kill us! We promise by the end of the week you'll love them - maybe.

Keep up the great work! You are doing so incredibly awesome with this challenge. Keep those FB posts and IG stories coming. We love seeing all your sweaty selfies!



It's week #4 of the ABtober Challenge! These weeks are just flying by and you are kicking ass in true ninja form. Are you ready to change up your 60 second Killer Core burnouts? We bet you are! On the menu for this week are HIGH KNEES!

Remember to listen to your body! Slow down and if the high knees are too much just jog in place.


OMG Squad!

It's the last few days of the ABtober Challenge! I can't believe this month is almost over! You are down to your last THREE days of this challenge. I hope you enjoyed it! You are finishing off strong with static beasts pull throughs, supine knee tucks with straight punch combos and leaning camels. Let's not forget about your Killer Core Burnouts: 60 seconds of forearm plank jacks! You got this!

CHEERS to you ninja and all your success! You pushed yourself through this amazing B&B challenge! Congrats on all your hard work and comment to your Killer Core! I know at times it wasn't easy and I'm so proud of you. Make sure to share all your sweaty selfies with us on FB & IG! Make sure to tag me @christadipaolo @boxingandbubbles and hashtag #ABtober