Boxing & Bubbles 12-Days of B&B Live, Love, Laugh, Sweat Holiday Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 12-Days of B&B Live, Love, Laugh, Sweat Holiday Challenge!

Hey Squad!

Who's excited for the Holidays??? We know you are looking forward to spending time with friends, family and loved ones. Maybe you're hosting a party, or traveling or just hanging out on the couch in your pj's. Anyway you slice it, this time of year tends to be hectic! Even if you are Netflix and chillin' your mind is probably creating to-do-lists and racing a million miles a minute.

You've got so many things to do - there's cooking, and cleaning, and laundry, and dishes; trips to the mall for those last minute wishes; fighting with traffic just to buy some bling - Well, we could turn it into a song, but these aren't a few of our favorite things! Alright, let's just skip to the chorus: When we punch stuff; when we kick things; do some Knockout Abs; we simply remember our B&B Squad and then we don't feel so bad! Ok, if you haven't reread that 4 times and aren't singing out loud by now you should really re-watch the Sound Of Music!

Anyway, all jokes aside, this is a STRESSFUL time of year. But we are here to help! We're giving you a Holiday Challenge that not only works your outside, but also your inside. That's right - mind, body and soul! Each day you'll basically be living the B&B motto: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & SWEAT! You'll write down what makes you happy, something you love about yourself and something or someone that made you laugh. We're giving you a printable journal. As for the sweat - well, don't worry, we'll give you that too!

So are you up for 12 Days of B&B? We promise there won't be anymore singing - ok, there's definitely more singing.

As always, your holiday guide comes with a video tutorial! We'll show you the moves for each day. Yep - MOVES - as in way more than 1! Why so many moves? Because this challenge encompasses all the challenges we've done this year! Burpees, Abs, Ass, Push-Ups, Planks and just for good measure we threw in a little boxing/kickboxing action. You're welcome!

But fear not! It's only 5 minutes of sweat each day. Feel free to include all your relatives that are staying with you. We bet Aunt Sue and your nephew Jake can do a few push-ups! Want to know the best part about our 12 Days of B&B Holiday Challenge? Anyone can join in on the fun. You don't have to be a member to participate. So tell your friends, your neighbors, your fourth cousin twice removed that all they need to do is sign up for our newsletters!

We will be giving away prizes at the end of this challenge to our B&B members. Contest rules will be posted on our B&B Facebook Page! Winners will be announced on FB LIVE Sunday, December 29th.

Good luck to all! Get ready to sweat away those holiday treats and feel warm and fuzzy inside! We'll be right there with you starting tomorrow Sunday, December 15th!

The B&B Team

Your Secret Santa, xx