Boxing & Bubbles 8-Day Tough Love Challenge!
Boxing & Bubbles 8-Day Tough Love Challenge!

Hi Squad!

The big reveal is finally here. We've been keeping this challenge a secret from you and being careful not to spill any beans. But now it's actually time for your TOUGH LOVE CHALLENGE! 💝

Our relationship with ourselves is truly a challenge in itself. This challenge is designed to make you love YOU! That's why we are giving you heart pumping exercises that demonstrate a push/pull relationship. Essentially, we'll be wrestling your inner emotions on the outside! Oh, and to top off that push/pull factor we'll be throwing in the thing you love to hate the most... BURPEES!

Here's how the challenge works. You'll be doing supersets of a push/pull exercise combo. You'll do 3 sets of the moves and rest 20 seconds in between sets. After the 3rd set you'll immediately go into 90 seconds of burpees. Yep, NINETY SECONDS!

Seems simple enough, right? We know you are rolling your eyes at those burpees, but we are here to tell you: You can do this! If you aren't challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit, then you aren't progressing. We are shaking up that little voice inside your head that's holding you back. That's what Tough Love is all about. We believe in you and we are giving you the tools to believe in yourself - all it takes is a little tough love!

We can't wait to see you take on this challenge. As an added bonus we'll be dropping a special workout to literally kick off your challenge. 💖 Want to see it? Just follow @christadipaolo on IG. (Members can log in to their accounts - the video will be up for you to follow along with whenever you want. Yeah, this is a keeper.)

Remember you don't have to be a member to join in on the challenge! Anyone can take on some Tough Love! Becoming a member means you'll have full access to the ever-growing B&B fitness library with over 10 different categories and 100 workout options.

So get ready for some TOUGH LOVE! We'll be there with you every step of the way. If you need extra motivation please join the B&B Squad Facebook page. We are squad strong!

Let's do this!

The B&B Squad, xx