EQUINOX - The Cut Relaunch 2022!
EQUINOX - The Cut Relaunch 2022!

And just like that....

What an honor to be back in NYC with Equinox to relaunch The Cut! 👊

I've been quietly working on this project for months and didn't want to officially announce it until I knew I could deliver. I was so freakin excited when EQX reached out to me late last year to discuss giving this program a reboot. Elated? Of course. Nervous AF? Even MORE so. I said yes without honestly knowing how I could juggle my own full-time business while giving 100% to creating this new content for Equinox.

So after months of programming, up leveling, fine tuning, filming, editing, and working with a DJ to create a custom playlist - EQX LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Being a co-creator for this program has definitely been one of the highlights of my fitness career. And to be back for content creation after all these years is pretty damn awesome. Thanks to everyone who coached and mentored me along the way. Especially before I was "Equinized." 🤣 You know who you are.

So who's ready to make The Cut?!

Published: May 2022