Audra King
Audra King

Audra has struggled with self-confidence for as long as she can remember. When she went to graduate school she developed an eating disorder and became obsessed with losing weight. She worked out obsessively and barely ate. Eventually, she was able to get better with the help of therapy. She stayed fit by hiking a lot, but avoided gyms or diets so that she wouldn't fall back down the rabbit hole. Unfortunately, when she moved from Colorado to Connecticut in 2009, she didn't have the mountains anymore, so hiking was no longer an option. In addition, she was always busy with work and fell out of a workout routine. Over time she lost muscle, lost confidence and gained weight.

In 2019 she felt motivated to start an exercise routine once again. However, she doesn't like gyms. So, after some online searching she found Christa's videos on PopSugar. They majorly kicked her a$$!! She started working out with PopSugar regularly and eventually learned about Boxing & Bubbles. Since the moment she signed up for B&B and then joined the FB page, her life and body have changed. She feels as if she has found herself again.

"B&B has helped me to not only build my physical strength, but has also strengthened me emotionally and mentally. I feel more confident and more at home in my body than I have in a long, long time. I am stronger than I have ever been, both physically and mentally. While I used to workout just to lose weight, I now do it because it's fun and it makes me feel stronger and less stressed. B&B and the squad have helped me to build confidence in myself once again, while also teaching me to be kinder to myself and to listen to my body." ~ Audra

Audra is a professor of philosophy at a university in Connecticut. She teaches feminist philosophy & social justice, and is very passionate when it comes to issues of justice! She has two dogs and wishes she could have 10 more! She loves reading books and refurbishing wood furniture.

Where in the world are you from? West Hartford, Connecticut

What's your fav B&B category? Sweat Box is my absolute favorite because it not only provides fun combos and intense cardio, but also mixes in different strength categories.