Jasmin Crozier
Jasmin Crozier

Jasmin Zaharah Crozier calls Amsterdam home, is the youngest of 5 children, loves to travel the world with her husband and also happens to be an amazing portrait artist! She grew up in a village called Langedijk and lived there for 24 years. She has a love/hate relationship with food, especially chocolate. On her father's side of the family, which is Indonesian, they talk a lot about food and there's always something to eat on the table. Her mother's side of the family is Dutch which could explain Jasmin's love for chocolate.

Also, Indo-Dutch fusion food? Yes, please!

About 5 years ago she started kickboxing at a gym where they gave LIVE classes. Unfortunately, the gym closed down last year so she tried boxing, but really missed the kicking! Then she discovered a trainer on PopSugar that boxed, kickboxed and made it all fun. Enter Christa and all her FGN (Fairy God Ninja) magic! Soon after discovering Christa's workouts Jasmine made the decision to join B&B:

"I love Christa's spirit, her being so real and her positive attitude. She makes working out fun and knows how to motivate. I also love the variety of workouts! It's never dull. B&B lifts me up and it feels like I'm surrounded by beautiful and kind people." ~ Jasmin

Where in the world are you from? Amsterdam

What's your fav B&B category? Knockout Squad and Sweat Box!