Marla Williams
Marla Williams

Two years ago Marla left a marriage that was depleting her soul. She went to live with a friend, but that situation wasn't much better since her friend's husband treated her and her kids badly. Marla felt terrible that she had to subject her kids to that negativity. At that moment she didn't have another choice and her financial situation couldn't allow her to move out on her own. She became angry at herself. Eventually, she found a different place for her and her children to live, but it wasn't much better. It entailed an hour and forty five minute commute just to get the kids to school. Plus, Marla was working back to back jobs, adding to her stress. She over ate, she didn't workout and the pounds started to pack on.

Finally, Marla was able to get her own place with her kids, Miles and Mariella, and they were on the road to recovery and healing after an extremely difficult year. But that didn't come without its hardships either. She had a full time job along with a side Uber hustle, plus her ex-husband refused to pay child support! She was physically and emotionally tired. Her son was worried about her. She was still gaining weight and not exercising.

Then Covid hit in March and she stopped driving for Uber and was only working her full time job. She took this time to rest and reassess. She had a milestone birthday on April 1st, THE BIG 50! As a present to herself she bought an Apple Watch. Marla loves kickboxing and when she did a YouTube search for kickboxing the first thing that came up was Christa DiPaolo Kickboxing via PopSugar!

Before she knew it, Marla was working out at least 5 days a week!

"I WAS ABSOLUTELY HOOKED! Christa understood me. She was encouraging and the modifications were completely effective. I was actually motivated. Finding Christa, then joining the Boxing & Bubbles community has vastly changed my life. I see my goals for the future with my kids a lot more clearly. I'm looking forward to this new journey that involves cross punches, elbow strikes and crescent kicks. I'm starting to feel like a serious BADASS!" ~ Marla

Marla is now beyond motivated and loves seeing her progress. She is learning to forgive herself for mistakes that she previously made and is working on getting in fighting shape and making better choices when it comes to food. She lives by the mantra "just show up and press play". Now she's "showing up" by eating better; "showing up" to make a business for herself; "showing up" for the success she desires; and "showing up" for her kids and their goals!

Where in the world are you from? Chicago, Illinois

What's your fav B&B category? My favorite category from B&B is Full Body Knockout!