Beatriz Garcia Morcillo
Beatriz Garcia Morcillo

Beatriz has battled with her weight her entire life. For her, that has meant endless dieting and poor self image issues. A few years ago she decided to stop dieting and just eat clean which allowed her to reach a healthy weight and enjoy life (aka food and bubbles!). In her late thirties, despite clean eating and occasionally sweating (yoga and pilates) her weight started creeping back. She became depressed and realized that she was going to have to step up her fitness game. Beatriz started her new cardio journey with 10 minute HIIT sessions. Then she discovered a boxing video on PopSugar.

"I almost died doing that first video (30 minute one) but it was so much fun that soon I was doing Christa's videos 4 times per week. I looked her up online, found Boxing & Bubbles, decided to try it out and the rest, as they say, is history!"

Beatriz has gone from aspiring to do two 15 minute cardio workouts per week to working out 6 days per week for an hour or more! Both her cardio capacity and her strength have increased dramatically. But the biggest change has been in her attitude.

"I used to think I just couldn't do so many things and it turns out that I can! (like 40 drunken pirate burpees, a feat I'm not in a hurry to repeat any time soon! lol) So many of our limitations are mental, it's crazy. And that sense of accomplishment is amazing, it makes me feel strong and proud of my body. I've never felt so good about my body before!"

Beatriz loves traveling, food and wine. Her curiosity is endless and she is constantly learning and getting excited about new things. She doesn't like to dwell or worry about the past. She says: "the future is now!" ~ Beatriz

Where in the world are you from? Burgos, Spain

What's your fav B&B category? I love boxing drills so it's a toss between Full Body Knockout and Sweat Box but in a push I would go with FBKO.