Gina Zagari
Gina Zagari

Gina was the very first (OG) B&B member! On October 15, 2018 she signed up for a 3 month B&B membership and within the first week knew that this was all she needed and cancelled all her other online subscriptions!

Growing up Gina felt awkward and insecure. She was a bit of a tomboy and would rather play sports than go shopping. She loved working out but could not follow an aerobics class. She decided that throwing punches was her thing and became obsessed with boxing and kickboxing. She was always the girl that never had to workout to lose weight and could eat whatever she wanted and was still slim. Well, that all changed in her mid 40s. Her body was changing and food didn't burn off the way it did before. She was still working out, but not seeing results. Enter B&B! She now feels stronger than ever. She is not only seeing changes in her body, but also her mind. She doesn't worry about a number on the scale, she looks in the mirror and inside herself and takes pride in knowing what her body can do.

"B&B is not only helping me get in the best shape of my life, it is helping me "get my mind right". I am feeling more confident and taking on new challenges in life! It is helping me learn to not only accept myself but to love myself." ~ Gina

Where in the world are you from? Quebec, Canada

What's your fav B&B category? This is such a difficult question to answer because I honestly love them all! At first, I would have to say Full Body Knockout because it reminded me of my fav workout, The Cut from Popsugar but then came Sweat Box aka Swear Box! Combining boxing/kickboxing with strength had me at Swear, I mean Sweat! 😜 So if I MUST choose a category, I would have to say it's between Full Body Knockout, Sweat Box, Heavyweight and Knockout Squad because who doesn't like to hit SH%T!