Magda Sit
Magda Sit

Magda is a 25 year old from Auckland, New Zealand working in the family business of insurance brokering. She has a double degree in Marketing, Management, Sociology and Psychology. She is the youngest in her family and has three older sisters plus four adopted siblings - she was the surprise!

When Magda was 17, she was told that she had scoliosis and that if her spine did not stabilize in a year, she would need surgery. She was really scared! She was looking for hope and then her parents heard about reformer pilates. For a few months, she did private lessons with an instructor and when she went for a next check up a year later, her spine had straightened by 10∘. The surgeon said it was a miracle and to keep doing what she was doing. This was a massive blessing!

Magda had been doing reformer pilates for almost two years, but knew she needed some other types of exercise to work on building cardio endurance and strengthening her muscles. She joined a gym for a year, but didn't know what equipment to use and what exercises to do. Like many others on Boxing and Bubbles, she found Christa through "The Cut" workouts on Popsugar - which she loved so much! When she heard that Christa was launching her at-home workouts, she immediately joined and has been a part of an incredible journey ever since. She gets in a workout 5-6 times a week and her fitness, stamina, strength, mental health and physical health has improved so much with regular workouts!

"Life has changed since joining B&B in so many ways. I always look forward to doing a B&B workout each day - whether it's in the morning to start my day in the best way, or in the afternoon to clear my mind of the day's stresses. I absolutely love that in creating this online platform, Christa has brought together the squad and B&B community! It is amazing that there are B&B members across the world, from different countries, cultures, lifestyles and with so many different personalities. We are there for each other. We motivate and support one another, no matter what we are going through - whether it is a challenge in life, in work or a B&B challenge! B&B continues to push me outside of my comfort zone, whether it's posting my workouts online or doing exercises that I struggle with but want to improve on. I feel so much stronger and healthier mentally and physically since joining B&B and the exercises and workouts get easier with practice." ~ Magda Sit

Where in the world are you from? Auckland, New Zealand

What's your fav B&B category? This is so hard because I love all of them!! But I think if I had to pick one, it would have to be Full Body Knockout because it works the whole body but the category is made up of longer and shorter workouts so depending on the amount of time I have, I can still get a shorter but full body workout in!