Unleash your fighter spirit in this primal, powerful, music-driven workout that takes boxing to a whole new level. Think fast. Look sharp. Jab, cross, kick and hook your way to a knockout body that’s strong, agile and lightening-quick. THE CUT is a cardio-forward boxing workout with no bags, no wraps and no ring. It’s just you, light hand weights and your own killer instinct, set to an explosive playlist that powers you through five rhythmic and relentless rounds. For 45-minutes the studio pulses with collective energy that drives focus and ferocity. THE CUT achieves total-body conditioning through stabilization, rotation and power. Every plane of motion is utilized for maximum muscle engagement, with selected kickboxing moves upping the ante. Improved speed, power, balance and flexibility are part of the deal. Efficient self-defense moves and improved mental focus come with the territory. Intense, celebratory, mindful and fierce, this one-of-a-kind new class will train you to move, look and feel like a champion.

Check out when I introduced THE CUT on Good Morning America!

As the Co-Creator of Equinox's signature kickboxing format, THE CUT, I had the pleasure to demonstrate some knockout moves with correspondent Gio Benitez in NYC!