Fight the Holiday fluff!
Fight the Holiday fluff!

It is officially the holiday season and that means stuffing our faces with delicious goodies until the new year. Today might be the biggest shopping day of the year, but yesterday was the biggest eating day of the year, where the average American can consume more than 2000 calories in just one sitting - that's an entire day's worth of food, whoa! But it was totally worth it! We spent time with our loved ones, we felt happy to be together and we sat around one table and shared a gigantic feast and a lifetime of memories. No guilt or shame should be attached to that! But if you woke up this morning feeling a little extra fluffy and in need of a diet change, cold turkey (no pun intended), we're here to point you in the right direction. But let us tell you that we don't believe in "diets"! We believe in lifestyle changes and these small adjustments that we are recommending will be the key to enjoying your holiday.

✔ Skip the sugary drinks. Yes, that means your daily Starbucks frappuccino - even when they have happy hour bogos. This might be the hardest one to do, but with all the cakes, pies and cookies waiting around the corner you'll thank us (eventually). Those sugary drinks pack in so much sugar and added calories that the reward (the sweet drink) doesn't exceed the payoff (all the extra exercise needed to burn it off). This is true of sodas, sweetened teas, juice and sweet alcoholic beverages (just stick to dry champagne or if you're feeling extra classy: vodka on the rocks.)

✔ Eat green, literally. Go ahead and fill your plate with veggies. Spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy, asparagus, kale - the list goes on and on. Eating greens with your meals helps you feel more full, gives you energy, keeps you emotionally stable and can help you lose weight. Green veggies are low in sugar and calories. They also supply fiber and protein.

✔ Add in an extra sweat sesh during the week. Just like adding an extra mortgage payment on a house during the year helps you pay off the loan faster and decreases your overall interest paid, adding an extra workout (yes that might mean one day with two separate workouts) does the body good and helps fight off extra calories consumed during the holidays. It's a great trade off! Just throw in an extra Knockout Abs and you'll be good to go.

✔ Eat at home. Cooking your own meals lets you control the amount of fat and sugar you put on your plate. Simple solution! This will help you save calories and money. Win-win!

✔ Toss the processed foods. Clean out your pantry and throw away the chips, candy, sandwich cookies and anything you can find that has loads of sugar, white flour and food coloring. It's called junk food for a reason - and trust us, it doesn't lead to the good kind of junk in the trunk. It clogs your arteries and even the pores on your face (remember what we put in, comes out on our skin!). So just toss it. It's easy to make homemade versions of your favorites - and guess what, we might be working on a little recipe book to help you "fake your store bought faves".

So there you have it. Just implement this list into your already in progress holiday survival mode - cause we all know it's a jungle out there.


The B&B Squad