Live, Love, Laugh & Sweat!
Live, Love, Laugh & Sweat!

Live, Love, Laugh & Sweat is the B&B Squad's mantra! Boxing & Bubbles is all about finding your balance between fitness and fun. It's about not taking yourself too seriously and embracing your perfectly imperfect self. It's about not giving zero F***S about what people think and you doing you. That's exactly why I named this amazing online program, Boxing & Bubbles. I wanted it to be unique, fun, outside of the box and something to be remembered. Just like YOU! So let me break down the mantra that the B&B Squad lives by:

LIVE your best life! Enough said.

LOVE your body! With social media these days it can be so easy to compare yourself to others, which can lead to feelings of frustration and unrealistic expectations. Here at B&B we encourage you to love EXACTLY where you are and love your body EXACTLY the way it is. Sure we all have goals we want to attain but to truly make a change it starts with a positive mindset then your body will follow.

LAUGH for your soul! I may take your workouts seriously but not myself. When I film B&B workouts, I make sure not to edit all my screw ups because life isn't perfect. I want you to feel like you're working out with your best friend. We sweat, we curse, we chat and we laugh A LOT. And that is exactly what differentiates the B&B program from the rest. Oh and I heard laughing is REALLY good for the abs!

SWEAT to a strong and more confident you! Let's face it, working out (especially punching and kicking) is so therapeutic. These B&B sweat sesh's leave you feeling strong, confident, sexy and like a total bad ass ninja that you ARE. The strong, toned aesthetic (that's guaranteed!) is only secondary to how it makes you FEEL.

Try implementing the B&B mantra's into your daily routine and watch that magic unfold.

Cheers! xx

The B&B Squad