Spring Cleaning!
Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air and that means one thing: SPRING CLEANING!

Let's be honest... We love the KonMari method of organizing and decluttering. But taking all your stuff out and putting it in a massive pile is an epic chore which, frankly, "ain't nobody got time for that!" So we're doing a quick house sweep B&B style to help you organize and unclutter your living space and your mind.

✔ First, let's tackle your closet. Whether it's a large or small space it's probably packed to the gills with clothing, shoes and accessories. Our quick fix for the closet is a simple storage solution: baskets! We own A LOT of workout gear and freed up a ton of hanger space when we put almost everything folded neatly into baskets. Another necessity for the closet is shoe storage. Vertical storage is great. So grab a shoe rack and get to stacking. PS: an old wine crate makes a perfect shoe rack.

✔ Next we're moving into the bathroom. A quick fix here is to look at all the bottles/products in your medicine cabinet, under the sink and on the counter top. If it's expired throw it away. If it smells different than when you first bought it, then throw it away. If you haven't used it in over 6 months....throw it away!

✔ Time for the kitchen. Our quick fix, pour yourself a glass of wine - that'll make you forget about any kitchen clutter. You're welcome in advance.

✔ Lastly, our final step in the B&B house sweep is to gather all the papers you might have laying around. This is the one occasion where Marie Kondo's method of heaping everything together actually benefits a quick clean up. Sort papers into piles containing bills/statements, magazines, receipts, unopened mail, coupons, notebooks, important pieces of paper (like tax documents) and random papers (anything that was left out). Go ahead and shred your bills - everything is payable online. Take a few minutes and set up automatic payments for any bill sitting in front of you. Then go paperless - you'll even help the environment! Put the magazines on a coffee table as a centerpiece or place in the bathroom for some light reading. Scan copies of your receipts and save them on a file in your computer. The ink tends to wear off anyway. Open your unopened mail: throw away the junk; shred the bills; cut the coupons and file; place important documents in a file folder and store in a safe place. *Target has really cute binders and expanding folders on sale in store.* Leave out a basket for notebooks and random papers. Place it on a table you can see clearly as a daily reminder to go through each day and get rid of anything that is no longer necessary to keep.

✔ So there you have it. By decluttering your living space you will in turn declutter your mind. And make sure to remember one important note: the things you own do not define you. Don't let your things own you. You are a bad ass and are stronger than you think. You can defeat clutter! 👊

We hope you can apply some of our B&B quick tips into your day today. And keeping with the quickie trend we want you to go do a really fast QUICK KO to inspire you to start your decluttering journey - but only if you haven't had any wine!!

Cheers to sweating and cleaning with a smile! xx