5 Minute Meditative Martini!
5 Minute Meditative Martini!

I’m the first to admit that I am not the best at keeping calm and maintaining my cool. I've been told so many times that meditation is the key to true relaxation, centering the body and relieving stress. But I honestly don't know how to relax or sit still and close my eyes (unless I'm sleeping) and think about nothing. I've tried and I've failed. So I came up with my own meditation ritual.

I wear something comfortable like a robe or a night shirt and take off my socks. I take 3 deep breaths. I'm ready to go to the kitchen! I walk slowly to kitchen counting my steps and focusing on the cool tile beneath my feet. I repeat to myself how grateful I am to be able to take these steps. Once in the kitchen I take 3 more deep breaths. I'm ready to move forward. Without moving too fast I make my way to the fridge to get a bottle of champagne and some fresh fruit (usually blueberries or raspberries). I am still counting my steps, which helps to make the movements slower. I place the items on the counter top and head to the pantry for some vodka. One, two, three, four steps. Repeat this method while getting barware and ice.

Before I go any further I take 3 more deep breaths. I'm already feeling less tense and more relaxed. I pour one ounce of vodka slowly over ice and watch as the ice cracks and starts to melt. Here I take a moment to think of my own self melting slowly into the floor becoming grounded with the earth. Shake the vodka gently - just to get it cold - and pour it into a martini glass. Next I pop the bottle of champagne open and feel the rush of bubbles overflow with excitement. I'm feeling happier now. I pour 2 ounces directly into the martini glass. Watching the two liquids mix together brings peace into my body and reminds me that I am united with the universe. As a final step I mash some raspberries (or blueberries or peaches or whatever mushy fruit is on hand) between my fingers and let them fall to the bottom of the martini glass. Using my fingers for this brings an overwhelming sensation of how fragile life really is and how much I cherish it. After washing my hands I take 3 more deep breaths, I look into the martini glass and appreciate my concoction. I say "thank you" to the universe, grab my glass and head over to the couch to Netflix and chill!

In only 5 minutes I manage to clear my mind and be appreciative of my surroundings. Now it's time to relax and sip!


. 2 ounces champagne

. 1 ounce flavored vodka (I prefer raspberry but any fruit vodka will work - and yes, I know this adds a few extra calories but it's totally worth it!)

. 1 tablespoon squishable fruit sprinkled with 1 teaspoon sugar in the raw (once again raspberries are my fave with blueberries coming in a very close second place.)

Additional items:

. Ice

. Martini glass

. Cocktail shaker and strainer (if desired)