It's a Vegan Super Bowl Party!
It's a Vegan Super Bowl Party!

Welcome to the gridiron, Squad! 🏈

We're calling an audible and mixing up your regular Super Bowl Fiesta with a vegan variation. So it's time to sack your standard chicken wings and blitz your thinking - OK, WE CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE.... It's enough with the football terms.

We're making Cauliflower Buffalo Bites!

So join us in the kitchen and let's get ready to rumble. Oh wait, wrong sport!

Lauren is our resident vegan - all right, she's veganish. At home she sticks to a mostly plant based and dairy free diet. But she makes some mean vegan football food! Remember, these are not considered "healthy alternatives". This is straight up JUNK FOOD! We'll be back in the kitchen soon firing up some awesome and healthy eats, but this weekend is all about the football, food, fun and beer and of course some bubbles! 🍻 🥂 Click the link to get the recipe for our Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Bites AND the entire spread which you can make ANYTIME not just for your football soiree!

Since the Super Bowl is in Miami this year, we figured we should show some extra football love! Whether you're a Niners fan or hoping the Chiefs will win we can all agree that Sunday is totally about the food and J. Lo and Shakira! Let us know who you are cheering for! We'll definitely be rooting for the half-time show!

The B&B Squad xx