Take That 2020!
Take That 2020!

As much as I want to tell 2020 to BUGGER OFF MATE and give it the proper middle finger, as my classy self is so perfectly demonstrating 🤷 , instead I will thank it.

This year taught ALL of us all over the world some invaluable lessons including being even more thankful for our health, friends, family, making connections, not sweating the small stuff, patience, appreciation, slowing down and ultimately being kinder to ourselves and others.

Going through a global pandemic and also having anxiety and a panic disorder really threw me and my fellow anxiety sufferers for a serious loop. This year I secretly (cats out of the bag now) had a brain MRI and bought myself a little "do it yourself" EKG device. I was convinced if Covid wasn't killing me then it was my heart or my brain that would. I know, it sounds nuts but the brain can play some evil ass tricks on you. ANXIETY BLOWS.

I'm only telling you this because I promised to be really open about it AND I wanted to start off 2021 on the right foot.

SO....let's think about one thing you want to say BUGGER OFF TO and leave behind in 2020 and a new goal or positive intention you want to give a warm welcome and a big huge hug in 2021.

I'll share if you do!

✨ I'm saying bugger off to the little evil voice in my head that not only keeps telling me that something's wrong with me but also tells me that I'm not doing enough. You my friend get the middle finger 🖕 because I AM HEALTHY & I AM ENOUGH!

✨ My new goal for 2021 is to start working out first thing in the morning instead of working on my laptop and editing videos in my pajamas until 3pm. I think this small shift will do me wonders!

YOUR TURN and I'm here for it!

Happy New Year Squad. ❤