New Year. New Category. Same Badass You. Introducing: The Undercard!
New Year. New Category. Same Badass You. Introducing: The Undercard!

🚨 It's finally here: THE UNDERCARD! So what is this category all about? Well, let me tell you:

In boxing the undercards are the matches before the main event. My undercard will prepare you for the title fight by using MOBILITY! This new category is destined to turn you into a B&B pro in no time at all! I'll be taking you through a series of movements to help improve your range of motion, technique, strength, and control. These workouts will shift your body at a slower, more controlled pace with dynamic movements that are executed with purpose. Get ready to stretch, tone and strengthen from head to toe. You can use these training sessions as a warm-up to prepare your body for a more strenuous workout, a cool down, on your rest and recovery days OR make these workouts your main event.

That's right squad, these workouts are designed to sharpen your ninja skills. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet these workouts are for YOU!

It's so important to focus on our mobility - cause that's what moves the body! Mobility is the usable range of motion at a joint, and the degree of control or strength in specific positions & movement patterns. Mobility just means the ability to move FREELY.

Wondering about your first workout in this category? In 30 minutes I'll take you through full body mobility movements, stretching and some strength exercises. I have triceps push-ups, swimmers, beast kick throughs and crab reaches (just to name a few) on the menu. Oh, and we'll be doing these movements super slow - so you'll really feel the burn. Get ready to exercise some patience, cause if you thought these moves were hard at a fast pace, wait until you slow them down! It's amazing how much heat the body can generate by using slow and controlled motions!

Now, onto the best part of The Undercard... I finish each workout with INTENTIONS. I'm taking your positive mantras, that you love, a step further.

Some helpful tricks on creating YOUR intention:

  • Speak in the present tense as if your intention has already happened.
  • Say it out loud or in your head EVERY single morning or evening before going to sleep.
  • Share your intention with a friend... HELLO B&B Squad!
  • See it and feel it in your body.
  • Write it down so you can visually see it.
  • Most importantly, BELIEVE IT.

Enjoy your new workout category. I safely filmed it for you in Turks & Caicos on my bday. Grumps wasn't too excited to lug all our camera equipment there but I'm obsessed with you ninjas and B&B, so I had to do it! Wait until you see the views!

❤️ - Your FGN xx

New Year. New Category. Same Badass You. Introducing: The Undercard!