Who's ready for our 2nd Annual 21-Day B&B Abs & Ass Challenge?
Who's ready for our 2nd Annual 21-Day B&B Abs & Ass Challenge?

You heard right my ninjas! Round ✌️ of our Abs & Ass Challenge is headed your way on May 10th! Y'all loved it so much last year, I HAD to bring it back.

Tips & Tricks for the Challenge:

🥂.) Grab yo self an accountability partner! Non-members are also welcome so invite your fave sweaty partner in crime and have them join you. Support from a fellow ninja, a friend, your partner or a family member makes challenges that much more fun and helps keep you motivated! Of course throughout the challenge you'll have additional inspo from both the Squad on social and ME through our weekly newsletters.

🥂.) No equipment necessary! Yup - I decided to keep this body weight only (for the exception of a bench, chair or step) so EVERYONE could join in on the sweaty fun. If you want to add some spice 🌶️ to any of the exercises, feel free to use a band or add in weights for additional hot sauce.

🥂.) Do you. Remember that anything and everything can be modified. Here at B&B, safety is KEY. I'll send you a full video tutorial demonstrating all the challenge exercises however, it's up to you to modify whatever you need. Also, feel free to take some rest days throughout the challenge and catch up when you can! Like I said, DO YOU.

🥂.) Make sure to post away! I love seeing all your challenge posts and stories (and sharing them) so be sure to tag me @christadipaolo & @boxingandbubbles on both IG and FB. Tagging me also makes you eligible to win some B&B swag post challenge! I'll give you additional info on the contest rules via newsletter.

🥂.) Have fun! Challenge time is so exciting and should be FUN. There should be absolutely no stress about falling behind, taking rest days, not starting on day #1 or modifying. Just have a blast and enjoy workin' dem abs and ass for the next 21 days! 🍑

💛 - Your FGN xx