My 5 tips and tricks to beat those end of summer blues!
My 5 tips and tricks to beat those end of summer blues!

The end of summer doesn't always have to be such a bummer. Let's face it - transitions are hard for most of us and the end of summer can signify the end of fun. Barbecues, vacays and carefree summer days are gone and it's back to work and/or back to school. I don't know about you but just hearing the words "back to school" gives me instant anxiety. So I'm sharing some super simple doable tricks to give you an instant mood boost!

1.) Watch a feel good show ~ As simple as it sounds....watching a show or movie that makes you laugh your butt off does your soul and brain some serious good! Grab your fave sweats, snacks and get comfy on the couch and push play on something that literally makes you laugh out loud. Here are two shows that I'm obsessed with and that ALWAYS put me in the best mood!

☀ Schitt's Creek

☀ Ted Lasso

2.) Have a bathtub "pool party" for 1 ~ Grab your rubber duckies, an inner tube, a glass of champs (or bevie of your choice) and make your way to the tub cause we're havin' a bathtub pool party. What's a bathtub pool party? It's a fun filled pool party adventure, but in the privacy of your own bathtub. Make sure you have lots of bubbles, maybe some bath salts, a bath bomb and at least one pool accessory to complete your party. Want to make it "Miami Style"? Grab an ice bucket and put your favorite bottled beverage inside - now that's pool side service!

3.) Make a milkshake ~ Seriously! Makeshilks make everyone feel better. You can go the ice cream route or turn this into a protein smoothie. Either way grab some ice, some milk (oat, cashew and almond milk work too!), fruit, nuts, plus any other ingredient of your choice and blend baby blend. Pour into a pre-chilled glass and top with a cocktail umbrella! Use a silicone or metal straw to sip your concoction - SAVE THE TURTLES!

4.) Take a 1 day staycation ~ You heard me. Stay at home, pretend you are on a tropical island and spend the entire day maxin' and relaxin'! Tell anyone else that might be in your household to leave a message at the beep, cause you are not available. Grab some fresh flowers, order some uber eats or insta cart your fave groceries. Who knows, maybe you'll end up throwing a couple shrimp on the barbie! It's your vacation, so you get to decide.

5.) Repaint a wall ~ I know it sounds weird, but paint can always be, well, repainted. To really feel all those summer vibes grab a vibrant paint color and make an accent wall in your house. I'm thinking about a seafoam green for mine!

If you are desperately clinging onto summer (like me) then go ahead and choose your own adventure from one of the things above. But if you are over the heat then head on out, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and bring on Fall!

Published: September 2021