Keep those HOT AF Challenge vibes going strong!
Keep those HOT AF Challenge vibes going strong!

Hi Ninja!

Can you believe that it's a new month already? It's crazy how fast that HOT AF Challenge flew by. I hope you loved it as much as I did.

I had so much fun creating this one for you and I'm here to tell you that the party doesn't stop now! To keep up the positive self-talk, realizing you can do hard things and giving yourself a much deserved daily compliment - Lauren (B&B's Creative Director) and I created a Mini HOT AF Self Love Journal so you can continue your HOT AF journey. Yes, just click on the link and download your very own copy!

Also, I'm so proud of what you have accomplished in the past few weeks. You deserve a pat on the back, a huge hug, a trophy and so much more. Please know that you are worthy, loved and HOT AF. Don't ever forget it!

Thanks again for sweating with me and the squad for the last 21 days! None of this would be possible if it wasn't for YOU. You are my WHY. You keep me going. You keep me creating great things. You keep me happy. You bring so much joy to my life and I'm forever grateful.

Remember that you are always HOT AF! I love ya and can't wait to see you in the ring soon!

🤍 Your FGN xx

Published: September 2021