New Year Challenge Deets!
New Year Challenge Deets!

Here's what to expect and what you will need for your Strong Body + Strong Mind New Year Challenge:

🥂.) For the next 10 days we'll be working full body supersets! You will need a set of medium to heavy dumbbells. Use something that feels challenging for you. No DB's? No sweat! Just get creative at home.

🥂.) Weight Bench. If you don't have a bench at home you can also use a chair for some of the movements. Otherwise, you can perform the exercises standing or on the ground.

🥂.) A timer for days 5 & 10 (get ready for pyramids) when you'll be performing timed strength training exercises. You don't have to buy anything fancy! Feel free to use your phone timer or you can download an APP and make a custom one just for the challenge.

🥂.) Remember, take rest days when you need to. I fill up the challenge calendar however, I encourage recovery days!

🥂.) We officially kick off the challenge on January 19th but you can start ANYTIME.

🥂.) Have FUN and don't forget to post on both IG (tag @christadipaolo & @boxinandbubbles) and our private FB squad page.

Cheers to a stronger 2022 and YOU!

Love ya, Christa xx

Published: January 2022