Jump Rope Benefits!
Jump Rope Benefits!

Hey Squad!

Our Bounce Into Summer Challenge may be officially over but that doesn't mean you have to quit jumping. There are so many incredible benefits of jumping rope so let's "skip" to it!

In addition to total-body strengthening, jumping rope improves heart health, boosts bone density, increases agility, helps with coordination, enhances balance, and stimulates your brain. Yep, it not only does a body good but also phenomenal for your brain! Once you practice and get the hang of it - it's so much FUN. Lastly, a jump rope is conveniently portable making it the "go-to" exercise during your summer travels!

Need a little more convincing? I spoke to SELF.COM about the 10 benefits of jumping rope. Check it out!


Happy Summer Jumping!

💛 - ya, Christa xx

Published July 2022