Introducing Guest Instructor - Mitch Coutu!
Introducing Guest Instructor - Mitch Coutu!

Hey Squad!

Who's ready to help me welcome our newest guest instructor? Yes, you read that correctly... It's a new B&B SPARRING PARTNER. This one is extra special because it's featuring one of our own ninjas, who just happens to be a talented and knowledgeable Pilates instructor. Please help me welcome Mitch Coutu! Mitch is a certified PT, Pilates mat, and Group Fitness Instructor. She's also a dedicated ninja and part of our squad since the beginning.

For this new Pilates Strong workout, Mitch has programmed a 40 minute, low-impact, Pilates-based, mindful movement to lengthen and strengthen that beautiful B&B body! She incorporated the principles of Pilates, with functional movement and mobility work, for a feel-good, total body toning experience. By concentrating on your breath, core engagement, and controlled movement, we will fire up those deep stabilizing muscles, to help to keep our ninja bodies supported, balanced, and resilient.

The B&B team wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU" to Mitch for this phenomenal workout. If you don't already know Mitch or haven't done the video yet, I thought we'd take a minute to introduce you all to her. Actually, I am going to let Mitch do the introduction and we hope you will welcome her with open arms. The B&B Team is so happy you are here. We are inspired by you and couldn't be more proud of your sobriety and health journey!

"Hi B&B squad!

So, here is a little bit about me! I am an American Council on Exercise-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, as well as an Inner Balance Mind Body Studio, certified Pilates Mat Instructor. I am an NYU grad, and originally from Manchester NH. For the last 7 years, I have been focused on rebuilding my health (after a decade of seizures, and increasingly poor health), and then leaving my partner of 30-plus years. Basically, I am a total work in progress, grateful to be on this planet, happy, healthy, and sober for nearly 7 years. That is my major accomplishment. I love movement, especially boxing! Fun Fact- I began boxing back in 1992 at South Beach Boxing Gym! Pilates just came about as a means to get back into the fitness world in my (then) late 40s, as a sustainable practice for both the mind and body. My story is an open book and I am always here to help anyone on their health and sobriety journey!"

Mitch, thank you for sharing your story with us. You are such an inspiration and a beautiful person inside and out!

💛 - Christa and The B&B Team

Published July 2022