Do More Of What Brings You Joy!
Do More Of What Brings You Joy!

Hey Squad,

As you might have seen on my social media, I had the best time ever in Nashville spending time with my mom! You all have lovingly gotten to know her as "Mama Ninja," "Babs," or "Babs-a-licious." She loves to comment on your posts on our private FB group and is a great supporter of our squad. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic and living many miles away, I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like with her. So, when Nashville called... we answered! And I couldn't be more grateful to have spent time with her this summer. We went way too long without seeing each other and this girl's trip was much needed for us both. We laughed until we cried, had a few drinks, danced, and ate so much yummy food! Babs even participated in her very first IG reel, which she was not a fan of. 🤣 But, she's such a good sport with all my crazy antics.

As the squad knows, I am an open book and very honest about the amount of time I put into B&B. I even make Grumps film and work on our vacations! I do take pride in our B&B motto of "live, love, laugh, and sweat" and having a balance between work and life is something I am always trying to get better at. You know my saying "progress over perfection." That's why I decided to put a pause on my crazy work schedule to spend time with my mom. So, I encourage you this week to do more of what brings you JOY. Work will always be there. But, the things and people in your life that bring your soul the most joy won't. Put down the laptop or phone this week if you can and do something that brings you joy. For me, it was spending quality time with my mom. Maybe for you, it's self-care, seeing a movie, trying a new restaurant, having coffee with a friend...whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, do more of it. Work will still be there tomorrow.

If you struggle to limit your work hours and find yourself putting work over other aspects of life, I wanted to share some helpful tips to create that balance and set boundaries:

💛.) Set working hours and stick to them. If you work from home, this is especially important or you'll find yourself working at 10pm! Shut off your email at whatever time you feel is appropriate and don't answer until the next day.

💛.) If you have break times during your working day, take them! Try to avoid scrolling through social media too since that doesn't always bring joy. Call someone you love and just say hi! Do some meditation. Drink some water. Eat your lunch. Allow yourself that time to truly recharge. If you work in a very social environment, it's ok to want to be by yourself during your lunch break or other break times.

💛.) Bottom Line: Find something in your life that brings you joy, nourishes your soul and mental health and DO MORE OF IT. When you leave your job or desk, leave it there! I promise you'll find yourself feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and more creative when you get back to work.

Cheers to balance! xx

Published August 2022