LISS Cardio!
LISS Cardio!

Hey Ninjas!

Summer is here in all its hot, sweaty glory and for many of us, that means outdoor workouts! Whether you are taking B&B outdoors or doing your own workout, it's great to move your exercise space outside to get some fresh air. Walking, running, swimming, and hiking are such great activities to do in these warmer months. So for this week's newsletter spotlight we are giving the squad some great information regarding different training styles and how to mix our B&B workouts with some low-impact, cardio-based conditioning. This is referred to as LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) cardio. Research shows that the benefits of incorporating LISS cardio into your workout routine include:

  • An endorphin rush (feel-good chemicals that are released by your brain) to help boost your mood.

  • Reduces stiffness, pain, or injury through lower impact movement.

  • May help to manage or prevent health concerns including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Each week, we provide you with a suggested weekly schedule of B&B workouts to equally work your body from head to toe. While I always try to give you a balance of strength training, HIIT, and cardio in your weekly schedule, I fully understand many of you love doing other cardio conditioning. And there is nothing wrong with bringing other activities into your healthy lifestyle. You can absolutely still follow along with your regularly scheduled B&B workouts but you can also add in some LISS cardio a few days a week to some of our shorter videos focusing on upper body, lower body, and abs! So pick a 30 minute low intensity cardio activity (walking, running, spinning, rowing, and swimming are great choices!) and add it to a B&B video like ATB, BTB, or KOA. Or you can split them up and do 1 a day if you are short on time. Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Published August 2022