Turn off your autopilot!
Turn off your autopilot!

Anyone remember the movie CLICK where Adam Sandler finds the remote and he can fast forward his life to his big promotion? Spoiler alert: along the way all that fast forwarding turns his body on autopilot and he misses precious moments of his life - including time with his family and day to day activities. It's those day to day activities that we take for granted. We forget to enjoy little moments because we are so engrossed with all the bullsh*t that's going on around us: like traffic, returning emails, all the work we have to get done, deadlines, grocery shopping, getting kids ready for school, etc.

WE ARE RUNNING ON AUTOPILOT. It's time to turn it off! Let's be appreciative of our surroundings. Let's be appreciative of ourselves. Let's take a moment and say YES to the day. Seriously, say it out loud. You'll instantly feel better. Saying yes sends positive affirmations to the brain and shuts out the negative energy. It reminds us to be kind to ourselves


So instead of rushing out the door spilling hot coffee on your new pants, please take a second to slow down a look around you. You might find that you are missing something - something as simple as a ray of sunshine coming through the blinds starting your day off with hope and light. Or that basil plant you bought at Trader Joe's is still alive and you haven't killed it yet. Find something to take your mind off the rush of the day's events and turn off your autopilot. Enjoy the small things and in turn you will find more time to enjoy yourself.