No Time To Workout?
No Time To Workout?

Let's start with a scenario. You have a crazy busy day. Your schedule is packed from the moment you open your eyes until bed. Maybe you have a long work day. Your kids have a million activities. Appointments. Commitments. You get the point! In the middle of your busy day, you think "wow I wish I could squeeze in a sweat sesh but I only have 20-30 minutes...and that's not long enough." You dismiss the idea of getting in that movement because you don't have 60 minutes to get soaked with sweat. Because after all, if you aren't dripping in sweat, it wasn't a good workout...right?

WRONG! We are here to tell you that a workout does not have to be "balls to the wall" (excuse the expression) to be worth it. We've all seen the IG videos and reels of people doing crazy hard workouts and moves. You think "I can't do that so I must be out of shape." Or we've seen the people at the gym spending half their day training, lifting, and running. The truth is, having an effective workout is not just about how much time you put in or how crzy an exercise is! Are you incorporating a mix of cardio and strength training each week? Are you challenging yourself with weights that provide enough resistance but are not at risk of injury? Are you looking forward to your workouts? Are you giving yourself a few rest days to recover, plenty of water, and a healthy balanced diet? All of these factors play a role in your journey to reach your health and fitness goals. So the next time you feel like moving your body, but you only have a small window of opportunity... take it!

What we love about our platform is how versatile the workouts are. You can push play on one of our shorter videos such as a Quick KO, Knockout Abs, or even a warm-up/cool-down combo. You can mix and match an upper body with lower body, or if you want to work extra abs, stack 2 KOA's together! Remember, it's not always about the time you put in, it's truly about how the workout made you FEEL! Your body and mind will hopefully feel refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of your day. (Now, go drink a bunch of water because we all forget to hydrate!) 🥤

🤍 ya, The B&B Team xx

Published September 2022