Ciao from Roma & Venezia!
Ciao from Roma & Venezia!

Grumps and I have had the absolute best time tasting Italian wine, eating delicious food (did you see that seafood?!), and even recording a new hallway video. IYKYK. 😉

While I absolutely love traveling around the world with your favorite cameraman, being away from home also comes with changes in schedules, sleep patterns, and eating. I named our program Boxing and Bubbles because I truly believe that life should be all about the balance between fitness and fun! So I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few ways how I enjoy every moment of vacation while making sure my mind and body stay healthy. Here are my 5 tips for enjoying vacation while still keeping some of my routines the same to help me feel my best from the inside out.

💧 Drink lots of water as you travel whether it be on a plane (I always bring my own large bottle of water on a flight), in a car, while sightseeing, or even between Aperol Spritz's! Staying hydrated helps with digestion, skin hydration, and salt intake.

🥐 Start the day with a healthy breakfast! For me, it's always fruit, eggs, sautéed spinach, avocado, and toast. Eating a healthy breakfast will set you up for whatever you have planned for your day.

🍊 Take your vitamins daily, especially vitamin C, to boost your immune system.

😴 Get a full night's sleep, if you can! The more energy you have on vacation, the better!

🥂 HAVE FUN!! Vacation is all about enjoying life and making memories.

Arrivederci, Christa & Brett xx

Published: October 2022