What's The Best Time To Workout?
What's The Best Time To Workout?

We want to start by saying the best time of day to work out is the one that you can do consistently that makes YOU feel strong and confident! Since we have ninjas of all careers and life schedules, we thought it would be helpful to share with you the benefits of working out at different times of the day. It is true that setting aside time first thing in the morning (typically by 8 am) to get in your sweat sesh provides huge benefits to your overall health. But, we aren't saying that if you can't get in that early morning sweat sesh it doesn't mean you shouldn't work out when it's convenient for you! And here at B&B, we preach that life is all about balance so to us... any workout, done at any time is perfect! If you are curious about the benefits between early morning workouts and later in the day ones, here is some great info.

Benefits of Early Morning Workouts:

  • Fewer distractions (just think, no one is awake and your email and phone aren't going off yet!)
  • Better mood and focus throughout the day
  • Less likely to snack on sugary and fatty treats (although we all need those too every once in a while)
  • Higher fat burn over a 24-hour period
  • Appetite and blood glucose management
  • Blood Pressure management (but please see a doctor for any blood pressure concerns)
  • Improved sleep patterns

Overall, morning workouts typically get a better reputation in the health community for their many benefits. However, great results occur with getting in an afternoon or evening workout. Sometimes it feels so great to come home from a long day at work, and just sweat out all that stress!

Benefits of afternoon and evening workouts:

  • Higher Body Temperature (makes your muscles warm and ready!)
  • Increased strength and endurance (from moving your body all day)
  • Easier to find a workout buddy
  • Deeper sleep at night
  • Stress reducer

Here at B&B, we are always about doing what works for you and your busy schedule. The important thing is that you are MOVING your body!

Before we go, we want to stress the importance of staying safe when exercising outdoors (especially running). We know some of you love nature and exploring its beauty while running and hiking. We encourage you to always be mindful of your surroundings, run in the daylight, carry pepper spray, have a tracker on your phone or smartwatch for family to help know where you are, and enable your fall detection on your device or smartwatch to alert 911 if there is an emergency. Staying safe should always be your top priority.

Love, The B&B Team xx

Published: October 2022