Halloween Hacks!
Halloween Hacks!

Trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat.

We all know this rhyme and we all know what it means: CANDY. It's Halloween and for us that signifies the beginning of the holiday season and non-stop eating until New Years. But we're here to tell you that it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. Yes, the time of giving apples and carrots and gum to trick or treaters no longer applies, but the massive pile of candy that your kids bring home (or you buy on clearance at the market) doesn't have to be eaten. Here are a few tips to get rid of that candy without feeling the guilt:

1. First and foremost, try only to buy what you will need for trick or treaters It might be better to run out of candy and have to hand out pennies (or for inflation purposes dollar dollar bills y'all), than to be left with bags of the sweet stuff after the night ends.

2. Don't buy candy on sale after Halloween! Yes, it's sooooo tempting to buy a bag of half priced snickers, candy corn, mini peanut butter cups and whatever else goes on sale the day after Halloween, but please resist the temptation. We'll offer you an incentive to skip the sale: Take the cost of the candy and put that money into a savings account, a 401k or an envelope for a shopping spree at a later date. (This technique also applies to other instances as well. Every time you resist the urge to buy sweets take the money you would have spent and put it aside for an extra special treat later, we've got our eyes on a new Macbook Pro).

3. Play a game with your kids (if you've got kids). Instead of them eating the candy, turn it into "coins" so they can buy special prizes. 3 pieces 0f candy traded for a small toy like bubbles, 7 pieces for a new lunchbox, 10 pieces for a pair of shoes, 12 pieces for a board game, etc. Make up your own fun prizes and system of barter. Adults, you can do this too! For every 10 pieces of leftover candy you throw away give yourself 5 dollars towards a future gift! (All "payments" of candy go directly into the garbage can - unwrapped of course, so you're not tempted to pull them out...trust me i've done it.)

4. (If number 3 fails) Use candy as a trading system for chores. It's a privilege to eat the candy, not a rite! After all, you had to walk around with your kids to gather the candy too. (Or you had to sit at home, possibly alone, and wait for trick or treaters to come knock on the door). Making the bed + clothes in the hamper/laundry + dishes into the sink/dishwasher = 3 pieces of candy. (Try to limit the candy gifting to no more than 5 pieces a day).

5. Just throw it away! Any leftover candy that trick or treaters didn't claim should go directly into the trash. Yes, it's wasteful, but it's better than the alternative: consuming mass amounts of sugar - not good for you, or children!

6. Donate it. If you can't deal with throwing it all away, then by all means give it away. This is our least favorite option because it still means that the sugar is being consumed, but it does make you feel good to donate to those that are less fortunate or ill and can't go trick or treating themselves.

7. IF ALL ELSE FAILS. go ahead and eat the candy. BUT, we're holding you accountable! For every 3 pieces you eat you must add one extra B&B to your weekly schedule! It's the honor system, but we know you'll do it - even if you do pick an easy way out and add a Quick KO.

Ok, so we aren't saving the world here, but we are saving a few calories and a couple grams of sugar. Remember it's the little things that add up - a few pieces of candy in the trash today could lead to a lifetime of self discipline and sugar reduction later.

So now you have some ideas how to live candy free and without the guilt.

Happy Halloween! xx