Shannon Smallcomb Flores
Shannon Smallcomb Flores

Shannon is a 43 year old mover, shaker and fighter! In 2016 she moved to Washington from Southern California. She had two weeks to figure out where to live, hire a moving company and start her life over with no friends or family around (except her now 7 year old son). She's a single mom and also has a 24 year old daughter. No pressure, right? If you didn't already think Shannon was amazing, then we'll throw this into the mix: she's a cancer survivor! (We told you she was pretty awesome!) She had a rare form of B cell lymphoma, non-hodgkin's when she was 30.

As incredible as Shannon is, moving to a new area, adjusting to snow, having a challenging work life and being almost entirely alone started to take a toll on her health and wellbeing. She put on weight and made quite a few unsuccessful attempts at taking it off. So she joined B&B in December of 2018 as her self-love birthday gift. The weekly newsletters and FB Group hold her accountable so she doesn't fall off the wagon. She's dedicated to working out and watching what she eats.

"When I went through cancer treatments I joined a support group. This encouraged me to be more involved with B&B on the social media side. It's like being part of a community again. It allows me an outlet to talk about how I'm feeling or get insight from reading what others are posting. I feel stronger than ever, which is great being an older mom of a very active boy! My efforts have even encouraged my daughter to get back in charge of her health."

Shannon is finally feeling comfortable in her skin. She kills all her workouts and shows us all her sweaty selfie fun!

Shannon also says: "I'm finally gaining muscle tone in my body, especially in my abs!" ~ Shannon

Way to go Shannon!

Where in the world are you from? Originally from So Cal, living in Spokane, Washington

What's your fav B&B category? Knockout Squad has become my favorite category. Punching and kicking that bag brings B&B to a whole new level for me. Talk about major stress relief!