Rachel Elizabeth Schmiege
Rachel Elizabeth Schmiege

Rachel moved to New Jersey because of a job promotion in March, 2020 just when the world was spiraling into chaos. She moved there alone while her family stayed back in North Carolina. It would be an understatement to say that she struggled with feelings of loneliness, but she turned on Christa's videos and instantly forgot that darkness. She felt immediate support and a feeling of peace. But Rachel's journey wasn't always peaceful.

Her story really starts four years ago. She was in a toxic relationship and had a significant back injury. Her L4 & L5 were bulging and caused severe pain that led to needing steroid injections. These injections were painful and ultimately led to depression and weight gain. Her BF at the time would give ultimatums for her to lose weight instead of being supporting and encouraging. These ultimatums lead to an unhealthy relationship with her weight and a negative connotation with working out in general.

They parted ways in 2017, but unfortunately some of those learned behaviors still followed her. Then in May 2019 she had a stress-related seizure due to unhealthy coping mechanisms. After going to a therapist, facing some pretty dark demons and coming up with a plan for success, she started easing herself into a routine that included setting time aside every day to workout, meditate and/or do yoga. Within one year she had lost 60 pounds by creating a relationship with working out that involved being excited and eager to improve. She has lost additional weight since then and still works to better herself everyday.

Rachel says, "Honestly, I just needed to make the decision on my own to take care of my health and it really started with understanding my own mental health. I am no longer working out to please anyone else but myself."

The mind-body-connection is Rachel's favorite part of every B&B workout. Even though the PopSugar videos kicked her ass at first, she kept turning them on and working out because she knows that B&B isn't about building yourself up by putting others down. It's a collective celebration of all of our successes.

"So in summary, the changes for me have been more internal than external. I feel like I belong and I feel support in a manner that I never have before."

Rachel wants to break the silence of mental health. She has something very important to say about it: "The one piece from all of this that I want to stress is: regardless of your skill level or equipment availability, you can still press play and improve yourself. Everyday is a chance to improve mentally and physically. Also, if you neglect your mental health, the repercussions can be devastating. YOU are too valuable to not give yourself the time that you need to be healthy and happy. Also, if you have any toxicity in your life, cut it out. There is no reason for you to feel alone, the community that B&B provides is the definition of welcoming, uplifting and positive. The love that I feel everyday from this group is something that I didn't know I was missing until I felt it." ~ Rachel Elizabeth Schmiege

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Where in the world are you from? Ewing New Jersey

What's your fav B&B category? My absolute favorite category is Knockout Squad! Every workout leaves me feeling accomplished. I love that even though Christa uses a heavyweight bag, it's not needed. I bought 2 lb. hand weights and the difference in my arms is still quite notable.