Maranda Banfield
Maranda Banfield

Maranda's journey is full of ups and downs. But she'll be the first one to tell you that it's ok! Your journey doesn't have to be linear! She was always a heavier kid growing up. Going into college she weighed 285. During her college years she would drop 10 to 20 pounds and then gain it all back. After she graduated in 2012 a dark depression hit her.

Maranda couldn't get a permanent job (even though she had a BS in business administration) and ended up crashing on a friend's couch while working shifts at a mall food court:

"I finally hit this place where I was really depressed, like genuinely suicidal. I couldn't keep going on like this. Since I had weird food court hours, I decided to join a gym. And that is where it began, I took all of that negativity and focused it there. I would go for 90 minutes before work everyday. Since I was focusing all of my energy in that activity, I started seeing results and that helped with my depression. That is when I made it down to 200. Then I finally got a temp job in an office, started going to the gym in the morning and dropped down to 185. Since then, I have made it down to 175, all the way back up to 215 and back down again. Based on how my clothes fit, I would say I'm in the 180 range? I used to be chained to the scale, weighing myself every saturday to determine if I deserved any indulgences or not. It has taken me to the ripe age of 29 to love and accept my body the way it is. I haven't stepped on the scale in over a year and I honestly think I'm in the best shape of my life. Now I am about balance, being healthy and feeling good."

Maranda lives the B&B motto of finding that balance between fitness and fun! She just had a birthday in December and she's carrying her happiness into her thirties. Never before has she felt as confident, strong and part of a community. Also, she never liked cardio until she found Christa's workouts on PopSugar:

"I can genuinely tell I am getting in better shape based on starting off with pop sugar, then exhausting those and turning to B&B. Some videos, I couldn't do certain movements/had to modify and now I can. I seriously have never had so much working out as I do during B&B workouts."

Now she has a fulfilling office job, so she's up at 4:45am for her workouts! She's married to her best friend and is a loving cat mom to two very spoiled kitties. She loves her legs, playing Magic The Gathering, watching horror flicks and cooking. If you couldn't tell Halloween is a way of life for Maranda. It's not just a holiday! She keeps decorations in her home and office year round. At work she is referred to as "Mrs. Halloween" or "the spooky girl".

Ok Squad, we are going to leave you with these magical words from Maranda:

"If I could tell younger me anything, it would be "go easier on yourself mentally."" I used to beat myself up for not making weight and I have vivid memories of going out with friends and not eating or drinking anything because it was a friday night and "weigh in is tomorrow". Life is so short. Balance is key obviously, but enjoy life." ~ Maranda

Where in the world are you from? Dracut, MA

What's your fav B&B category? Sweat Box for sure!