Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson

Lisa's nickname is "Salsa" because she's sweet but also spicy! She's a school teacher from Chicago who absolutely loves working with children. As a child, Lisa herself was faced with many hard obstacles. But with her spicy attitude and determination, she has overcome what some would think impossible!.

As a developing baby, Lisa had an intrauterine stroke, or a stroke in the womb. The right side of her body took over leaving the left side underdeveloped. Doctors told her parents that there was a possibility that she wouldn't be able to walk or talk. BUT, she can do all the things the doctors said she couldn't, and while it's true that school was always difficult for her it wasn't impossible by any means. She was 20 years old before she figured out how to do her own nails, put her hair up in a ponytail, and zip up a jacket. She's made incredible steps!

But let's flashback to when Lisa was 10. From age 10 to 14, she gained 10 lbs each year - ah, the joys of puberty. At age 15 she decided to begin her fitness journey. Even though she lost 20 pounds she was still concerned with her weight. Over the next several years Lisa's weight would fluctuate. Then lockdown happened. With nowhere to go she turned to PopSugar and told herself that she would start working out and this time she would stick to it. That's where she found B&B! At first, Lisa was hesitant because she didn't know if she would be able to do the workouts. But she signed up anyway! Now, her mindset has changed from "I'm afraid of gaining weight" to I am becoming STRONG!

"B&B and exercising has helped me metaphorically punch away those who don't believe in me, and I'm slowly but surely starting to not doubt myself."

There's so many things that Lisa loves about B&B and Christa:

"It's so much fun, it goes by fast, you burn a ton of calories, there are so many options, it's reasonably priced, and so much more. (Her workouts are also the reason I have actual muscle on my right side) But apart from that, I've never seen anyone who has a platform like hers be so involved with her members. She really does tailor everything to her fellow "ninjas". And she takes the time to get to know her subscribers and actually responds to you and encourages you! I'm definitely hooked." Lisa

Lisa not only loves the results she is getting, but she loves the B&B community because everyone lifts each other up!

B&B has given her muscles that she never thought she could have and because of that it has given her something more than physical gains. It has given her hope. Now she knows that she can achieve her fitness goals and so much more. Lisa is persistent and refuses to give up!

Where in the world are you from? Chicago

What's your fav B&B category? Knockout Squad, Heavyweight and Sweat Box!