Astoria Julie Gomez
Astoria Julie Gomez

Astoria lives in the Redlands in California and just like many ninjas before her, found Christa through PopSugar. She did as many of Christa's YouTube videos that she could find and decided that she was ready to take the plunge and officially sign up for B&B in November 2019.

She never had a drive to be into fitness or watch her nutrition until 2019 when her daughter was born. Astoria wanted to work hard at getting (and keeping) her weight down as weight related illness runs in her family. She knew she had to change things and become a healthy role model to her daughter.

"My journey has been an on and off one for 3 years. It wasn't until May 2019 that I got very serious. I found Christa DiPaolo through PopSugar. I have been doing her workouts since June 2019. When it came to these workouts, I didn't want to quit. I wasn't bored and results showed! I still have a long way to go as this is a lifestyle change. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I love my ambition to become healthy and fit!" ~ Astoria

Where in the world are you from? Redlands, California

What's your fav B&B category? Sweat Box! I love the amount of craziness and the duration. The burnouts are great and you really feel those muscles during and after. The boxing drills are wild and keep me on my toes. Not only do you work your body, you work your brain!