Laina Worth
Laina Worth

Around 1999, after coming through a vast depression, Laina realized that she needed to lose about 200 pounds. She started a drastic diet program based on nothing but anger, determination, and willpower. Over the course of the next 4 years she lost those 200 pounds on a strict "shakes-only" diet and running.

But the weight started to come back and running was beginning to be a chore, not a thrill.

In 2016 she had a series of health challenges - a new job, followed by a move from California to Oregon, and then a broken foot at the end of August 2018 was the icing on the cake. As her foot healed she felt that she hit rock bottom - with no exercise and eating out of control. She gained 50 pounds.

She put herself on an eating program in October 2018 to get back on track, and since running was out of the question, she started looking for exercises to do while sitting down until her broken foot healed. She found some YouTube boxing videos that could be done while seated, and as her foot slowly mended she kept searching for new boxing workouts and eventually stumbled across Christa on PopSugar. The first few weeks she did them with a boot on her right foot, trying not to jump too much.

She did those few workouts on repeat and lost those 50 pounds over the next 6 months. This time, though, she has kept her weight rock steady!

"It's now been several months since I finished losing those lbs and with my daily B&B workouts plus careful attention to food, I haven't regained an ounce, in fact I've lost more!" ~ Laina

Laina isn't just about working out. Even though she works all day in software design and tech she still makes time to find some fun! She's a seamstress and sews historical costumes! What's her specialty? 16th Century court attire! But you'll also catch her on occasion in 18th or even 20th Century looks. If you didn't think that was fun enough, she also married her husband (of 12 years) in Las Vegas by none other than... ELVIS!

Where in the world are you from? Portland, Oregon

What's your fav B&B category? KOS is definitely a favorite now that I have a bag and boxing gloves. I love wrapping my hands pre-workout, looking forward to punching and kicking the hell out of my bag - nothing makes me feel like a Badass Ninja like Knockout Squad! Also nothing brings the sweat like hitting something for real!