Anna Charissa Naval Galang AKA Iris
Anna Charissa Naval Galang AKA Iris

In 2016 Iris had suffered through her first miscarriage which totally messed up her hormones and caused her to gain weight. By 2019 she had experienced her fourth miscarriage and put on an excess of 80 pounds. (We can only imagine the pain and stress this caused and our hearts go out to anyone that has experienced this or is currently in this situation). Being so overweight had a tremendous effect on Iris's health, joints and daily lifestyle. She decided to do some home exercises. Google led her to Christa's workouts on PopSugar and eventually to Boxing & Bubbles. She did the workouts nonstop for 6 months losing all the weight she had gained and bringing her BMI to a healthy range. She is a lean, mean, fighting machine and does B&B workouts 6 times a week.

"Ever since I joined B&B I have become more outgoing! Now, working out is not just a goal but a lifestyle. I feel healthier and stronger!" ~ Iris

Iris is resilient, cheerful and a positive thinker! She plays basketball with her hubby (of 11 years) and she enjoys going to festivals. She loves the B&B workouts (especially Sweat Box, FBKO, Knockout Squad and Jump In The Ring... OK, she is pretty much obsessed with all the categories) because after suffering a shoulder injury these workouts don't strain her arms. In fact, they loosen her tense muscles! She loves the convenience of B&B and being able to punch and kick anytime, anywhere - especially since she lives in Perth, Australia.

She is one of the originators of the Flying Lunge Challenge! You can blame her for all the flying lunges you do (not us).

Where in the world are you from? Perth, Western Australia but I am originally from the Philippines.

What's your fav B&B category? My favorite categories at the moment would be Knockout Squad, Sweat Box and Full Body Knockout. I had a shoulder injury and these workouts don't strain my arms. They actually help loosen up my tense muscles from the injury and stress! Honestly, it is hard to pick one, I just love to punch and kick all the time!