Sylvia Madrigal
Sylvia Madrigal

Let's go back to February 13, 2019 - That's the day Sylvia Madrigal (aka Sylvia Sophia Mancini) decided to make a change in her life. It was her birthday and day she signed up for B&B.

Previously, Sylvia had lost weight multiple times but it always came back. She felt defeated. After losing her dad and finding out that she had diabetes she knew she needed to make a change. She wanted to keep on fighting, make her dad proud and prove that his struggle wasn't going to go undefeated.

She started by walking and eating a lower carb diet. Then she found a coach on PopSugar that motivated her even more - Christa DiPaolo. Ultimately, she made the decision to join B&B. She had gifted herself the membership as a birthday present and finally she started to feel strong! Sylvia was finally getting relief after being in such a dark place for so long. Her physical strength started to translate into emotional and mental strength!

"It wasn't about fitting into a certain size.... for once it was about taking care of myself. My life has transformed since joining B&B. I am not who I used to be. I am a new person! Not just because of physical changes but because of my attitude changes, my outlook, and my mental strength! B&B does so much more for me than just help me lose weight! I have lost over 100 pounds and even though I still have a ways to go, I am finally starting to muscles and shapes that I have never seen in my life and I'm thrilled!" ~ Sylvia

Sylvia's incredible journey is still going strong! Even though she says she is terrible with directions and needs GPS for everything (even while driving in her hometown) she is definitely on the right path in her fitness journey! She is making us and her dad proud!

Where in the world are you from? Rosenberg, Texas

What's your fav B&B category? For some crazy reason Knockout Abs and Heavyweight are my standouts. I think because the previous "me" from two years ago wouldn't have been able to imagine myself even using those muscles much less enjoying it immensely!