Marie Louise Doe
Marie Louise Doe

Marie Louise lives in Malvern, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. (Yep, we have ninjas from all over the globe!) She was always the "skinny girl" that never had a weight problem and never had to worry about what she ate. One day that all changed. She lost her dad and her world came crashing down. For 5 years she lived in a downward spiral of depression, alcohol, unhealthy eating, social anxiety, and denial. The weight gain started while her physical and emotional hole grew deeper.

She decided to make a change! It started with therapy sessions and tapering off all the anti-depression medication. She started working on her emotional and her physical health. She got a "life saving" puppy that helped her become more active. She found "the cut" workouts on PopSugar and cut down on the "crappy" food. She joined Boxing & Bubbles shortly after we launched in 2018 and is now fit, active, happy and engaged!! Her mental demons faded, the weight came off and she felt more confident.

"After years of fighting negative thoughts, feelings, grief and anxiety... I'm finally in control. I made that choice. I decided enough was enough and I wanted to swim and not sink. I have a fight in me that I never knew I had! I'm the most accepting of who I am since I lost [my] dad. I'm a good person and I'm proud of myself and know my dad would be too! I wake up motivated, eager to workout, share my experiences with the squad and Sunday's no longer suck because it means something new is being uploaded and my Monday is always super charged and ready to go! Christa is probably one of the most compassionate, caring and hilariously funny individuals I've come across! She brings this squad to life, she gives US life! She works relentlessly hard, she replies and responds to every single person in detail, she remembers the little things with each individual, she makes you feel counted, significant and most of all like a friend. I've also got my hot bod back which means the world and it's all thanks to B&B!"

There's one more thing that Marie Louise mentioned. When asked what she loved most about B&B, her response was magical:

"I love the trust - the absolute trust that runs between all these strangers! We share our vulnerability with these people that we wouldn't even share with our best friends! This community is full of amazing people, such kind and compassionate hearts. I feel like I could walk into a room with some of the members and talk like we've known each other for years. We share our happy moments and our sad moments with one another. We encourage each other every single day to not be better, but to just "be" - be happy, be thankful, be confident and be inspired! It's a platform I'm so very grateful I have and I know many others are too!" ~ Marie Louise

Where in the world are you from? Malvern Worcestershire, United Kingdom

What's your fav B&B category? SWEATBOX!!! This workout always makes me feel like I've done a workout, it's full body, it's sweat inducing and at the end my endorphins are RACING!!! It's hard but it's also hard fun! Starting my day with one of these bad boys is therapy in 45 minutes!