Jasmine Arbour
Jasmine Arbour

Jasmine lives in Longueuil, on the south-shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her beloved other-half Marc and her two beautiful little girls, Zoey and Mila. She works as a special needs technician with junior-high level teens.

When Jasmine was young, she was very active. She used to dance 6 to 7 hours a week and was part of the all female flag football team in school. Her weight gain started when she was 14, after contracting Mononucleosis. She was sick for two months straight and gained about 30lbs. At that time, she was also waiting to be operated on for a heart condition called Tachycardia, which could make her heart beat at very high rates even while resting. (Her heart has been up to 232 beats a minute, and this was triggered by leaning over to pick up a pencil while sitting in class). She stopped all sports because she was so sick and feared having to go to the hospital if her heart rate couldn't go down after an episode.

When she finally recovered from Mono and her operation, she never went back to dance or football. From that point on, she yo-yoed with weight, never finding real motivation to make healthy choices. For years she put off working out. Then in March, Covid hit. Everything stopped, the world shut down and she found herself, like many others, confined to her home. For the first month of quarantine she wasn't watching what she was eating and relaxing in her pajamas was her main activity. By mid-April, she realized the pandemic situation wasn't going to change anytime soon. She had gained weight but to make matters worse, she felt tired no matter how long she rested. She said to herself: "I feel so tired and out of shape and I'm only 31. What will happen to me if I keep this up? How will I feel when I'm 50 or 60?!" So she looked on YouTube for some workouts that would actually get her off my couch and that is where she found the ONE:

"The ONE trainer that made me want to press play. The ONE that made me show up and made me come back for more. Today I am proud of my 30lb weight loss! Proud of how energized I feel. And I am thankful to Christa and her kickass B&B workouts for reminding me that practice doesn't make perfect, it makes progress! Now I look forward to pressing play and working out!" ~ Jasmine Arbour

Where in the world are you from? Longueuil, on the south-shore of Montreal Quebec, Canada

What's your fav B&B category? I think my favorite is Sweat Box but I also really like the Heavyweight too.